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(This item has been announced by the manufacturer to be discontinued.)


Providing the same attributes as our popular Silkcare powder free latex gloves, these gloves are also formed to be left and right hand specific. The major benefit of fitted gloves is the ergonomic design that helps alleviate stress and fatigue during extended wear. 


Hand curve fitted for ergonomic comfort, reducing stress and fatigue. Full hand textured in a natural latex color.


Coated with a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamin E created to soothe symptoms of dehydration and irritation.


50 pairs (100 gloves) per box; 10 boxes per case. The prices shown here are for each case of 500 pairs (1000 gloves).

Cranberry Silkcare FITTED Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves (CR-7824/5/6/7/8/9)

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